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fév 26 2012

SrrTrains on MixED

The exhibition contains 10 pages with links,images and video.As all here had been done  as a Work in Progress, from 2011 to now,
it is  may be useful to first give you 2 links to test.

See below.


Then you will have to visit :


page 6

page 5

page 4

page 3

page 2

page 1



Now, 1rst of march 2012, we could send you to :


Old version (with trains)


New version (no trains yet)


And to have a meeting you can use MyKel_D’s server running :
Replace “localhost” adress by   …..   …then ….Start instance…..


I will add too my own package I played with :




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fév 26 2012

page7 :SMUOS and SrrTrains

SMUOS and SrrTrains


What’s the commonalities of the idea “SMUOS” with the concept “SrrTrains”?

First: what’s the difference?
SrrTrains started in spring 2009, SMUOS has existed since December 2010. Thus SrrTrains is older, so SrrTrains is already a “concept”, where SMUOS is still “just an idea”.
SrrTrains is explained on
SMUOS is explained on
SrrTrains is already a project, better spoken, it WAS a project, because it was stopped:








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fév 26 2012

page6 :alain’s mail to Christoph ( december 20, 2011)


alain’s mail to Christoph ( december 20, 2011) :

Hello, Christoph,

Remember the first thing I mailed you after discovering your work,
months ago ,
( but your work Without any trains ) :
it was about the background in the 3d, the home.
Yours, I guess.

But I didn’t realized that you wanted ( and you did ) to put the trains here,
as a toy for kids.
I had been stupid.
But I liked it.
I thought it was a joke ,for a non realistic purpose, something like that.
And I liked it.
“A funny programer”, I thought, “taking some distraction during hard programing”..

Especially I liked that one , LOL :
C:\Program Files\SrrTools\DemoLayout\ExampleFrame\kueche002_cube_3_small.JPG

Now I see this small toy inside the place , and that’s perfect !!!
See the pics ( but of course you know that )




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fév 26 2012

page5: frame around




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fév 26 2012

page4 : Christmas (2011) news from Christoph


Christmas (2011) news from Christoph :“0_Demo 2012″. This page  was updated on 2011-12-29. Go to read there :

“Why Do We Use the Old Version for the Demo?” and  ”What do I Need to Enjoy the Demo?”

We recommend to use BS Contact 7.212 Web3D Browser and BS Collaborate Collaboration Server.

Alternatively, you can download the “Test Package” of the SRR Framework,

(2) Install the SRR Tools (“Dead End” Version 0032bf4): SrrTools_0.01.10(0032bf4).zip

Follow the video :




alain’s tips :

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fév 26 2012

page3 : Some tryings from Srr


Some tryings from Srr: 

I ( alain ) learnt about Srr.

And as it is more easy for me to use vrml than x3d , I tried , from the huge codes of Christoph, to just have a chat working. 

I used Fluxstudio and vrmlpad to learn/reedit them and “translated” them to wrl instead of x3d.

With the permission of Christoph , of course.

The chat uses too  BSCollaborate. 

BTW thats just to  show that when you go from the complete code to a simpliest one , 

you learn how to manage the stuff , and then you could be able to do the inverse way and to add more of your own stuff.

So , we had some tests with 2 friends , using BSCollaborate from local 

( port 12345, localhost, the clients using the Ip of who runs the server ) , and it was working :



When you have the chat working, it is easy to add your world into :

Of course it is now a very small part of the complete coding, but that shows and teaches** to you  how to manage with.

**My files are not in public because somme parts are too much dependant of the original code ,

but for a few part , and a few part with witch you are able to “play” with.

(with permission as I said above)

One could say : “thats is crappy ,now”, and yes it is , but it is a vrml chat working ( with BSCollaborate ).


Reedit : next step :

1- testing a friend’s BSCollaborate server :

( not in local , but a server online ! )

2- For that I made a simplier MainFrame from Srr.

Now  all the Modules way are lost :(

re reedit :

Christoph agree to have that in public ,
so it is here :

May be not very usefull , but a way to learn , as I did ….

Some errors remains ( only my fault ) but may be that works :)


here we continued to work about on LouiZeForum :

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fév 26 2012

page2 : with MyKel_D

 I try to keep the Collab. server running 24/7
alain :
I tried it ,
I think it is OK !!

I used 2 instances of the file I made from SRR.

I connected twice ! that seems great …

The last file I made is more simple than the previous one,
and not all is clean it , but it is easy to add a worl in .

AND !!!!!!!!!!! I can connect 2 instances of SRR too !!! yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!

( must clean the avatar thing , LOL )



It is very funny to play with that !

As I can now connect easily to test,
I re discovered that , if you enter your name ,
no ‘joe’ , nor ‘laura’ nor ‘jane’ etc
( they are in /Avatars_bscontact/ )

…..your avatar is a box !!!

It is the same in my BScollab test ,

and same in SRR
( as you can see in my previous past above ).

Christoph told me, days ago , that he could do something about that,

( a sort of default avatar loading , for any name you enter )
I trust in him :)


I think it is here :

 function Init()
            // Build some URL from the avatar string, and load that avatar.
            var Url=  ‘../Avatars_bscontact/’ + AvatarString + ‘.wrl’;

in the
DEF ScrAvatarInfo Script
of the
PROTO AvatarInfo

in the TheMainFrame etc,
witch is in FrameMain

I guess it is easy for Christoph and Mykel to add a possible default
AVstudio avatar in that function Init
For me , I am not a scripter :(
but it is easy to add a world as inline


PROTO mykel
   exposedField   SFFloat  height   3    
   exposedField   SFFloat    width   10
   eventOut        MFString meSay
   eventIn         SFNode  hasSaid  # a UserData node.
   eventIn           SFBool  focus              # enables text input if true.
   eventIn         SFTime  startAnimation
    field          SFBool  initiallyShown    TRUE
    eventOut    SFBool  isLoaded
    exposedField SFNode texture ImageTexture {url "Stone.jpg"}
{ Transform {
   children   [ DirectionalLight {direction 0 -1 0}   
Inline {url ""}
  translation   0 0 0

EXTERNPROTO ExampleFrame [
 exposedField SFNode commParam   

LOL , very funny to play with all that.

As I had been unable to script the script ,
I discovered in it :

( many thanx for your comments inside, Christoph, it is very useful )

function AvatarLoaded(Result)
            // ************************

                Browser.print (’FRAME: 0 nodes loaded’);
                // Then we provide a dummy avtar consisting of a box.
                Av= VrmlDefaultAvatar;

I replaced the box by …… old own avatar !! ahahahahah

( you get it when you enter nor joe , nor laura, etc )

Less funny : he is not walking Sad

reedit :

now I discover that joe or jane etc , only “walk” when we “run”…………………. Sad


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fév 26 2012

page1 : Vrml news ( feb 2012)


Vrml news ( feb 2012) from Christoph :

The following files are now available in VRML format, too, in addition to X3D format.

You’ll find them at
 in the “” file

   - Main_bscontact.x3d/.wrl  (”main file”)
   - Hill.x3d/.wrl  (”first module”)
   - City.x3d/.wrl  (”second module”)
   - Mountains.x3d/.wrl  (”third module”)
   - Dunes.x3d/.wrl  (”fourth module”)

…and my sort of “mail” to Christoph :




DEF Conn NetConnection {
    address “”

,from MyKel’ server, you could get multi-user.



Use 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 to switch the HUD. 

2 is to get the chat ! Press it twice to have it ON and OFF


WIP : recent news about this package :

1 - Hill and Dunes : they have disturbing transparency effects.


I first tought that the problem was with the meshes,and I tried to inverse the coords, but now I think that the prob are the png textures.

So, using “jpg” type corrects that.

So , I made a      “../FourthModule/texture_fourth.jpg” and “../FirstModule/texture_first.jpg”.

I made a Hill.wrl using texture ImageTexture {url “../FirstModule/texture_first.jpg”} 

and a Dunes.wrl using     texture ImageTexture {url “../FourthModule/texture_fourth.jpg”}

2 - The Main_bscontact.wrl is not attached to wrls but to x3ds ( If I am not wrong ).

To use the corrected Hill and Dunes, it is necessary to “link” to the right  wrls.          

I changed in the Ldf.x3d …. type=”MFString” value=’”../FourthModule/Dunes.wrl”

Another trying : I added in the last srr folder ExperimentalLocomotives folder.

With “6″ you get the HUB as ( using that to “Create Vehicle”, with their IDs) :

But I don’t know how to set up it on the track, I guess I miss something.

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fév 25 2012

Monet 2012

X3d / BS Collaborate / Monet

In 2012
the old
gets a new life !

Because of  MyKel_D running his server :

So now we have the old monet world on chat with BSCollaborate .

Download  monet2012   from here
and run TestframeBS/SrrTestFrame.exe

****ps : all that has to be cleaned,
I just used the old monet way I tried months ago*** ,
and just changed the DEF=’Conn’ address=’ “” ‘
in   DemoLayout/FrameMain/Main_trbs.x3d

*** It was OK just in local

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