fév 26 2012

page6 :alain’s mail to Christoph ( december 20, 2011)


alain’s mail to Christoph ( december 20, 2011) :

Hello, Christoph,

Remember the first thing I mailed you after discovering your work,
months ago ,
( but your work Without any trains ) :
it was about the background in the 3d, the home.
Yours, I guess.

But I didn’t realized that you wanted ( and you did ) to put the trains here,
as a toy for kids.
I had been stupid.
But I liked it.
I thought it was a joke ,for a non realistic purpose, something like that.
And I liked it.
“A funny programer”, I thought, “taking some distraction during hard programing”..

Especially I liked that one , LOL :
C:\Program Files\SrrTools\DemoLayout\ExampleFrame\kueche002_cube_3_small.JPG

Now I see this small toy inside the place , and that’s perfect !!!
See the pics ( but of course you know that )




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