fév 26 2012

page2 : with MyKel_D

 I try to keep the Collab. server running 24/7
: evelynsgemz.sytes.net
alain :
I tried it ,
I think it is OK !!

I used 2 instances of the file I made from SRR.

I connected twice ! that seems great …

The last file I made is more simple than the previous one,
and not all is clean it , but it is easy to add a worl in .

AND !!!!!!!!!!! I can connect 2 instances of SRR too !!! yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!

( must clean the avatar thing , LOL )



It is very funny to play with that !

As I can now connect easily to test,
I re discovered that , if you enter your name ,
no ‘joe’ , nor ‘laura’ nor ‘jane’ etc
( they are in /Avatars_bscontact/ )

…..your avatar is a box !!!

It is the same in my BScollab test ,

and same in SRR
( as you can see in my previous past above ).

Christoph told me, days ago , that he could do something about that,

( a sort of default avatar loading , for any name you enter )
I trust in him :)


I think it is here :

 function Init()
            // Build some URL from the avatar string, and load that avatar.
            var Url=  ‘../Avatars_bscontact/’ + AvatarString + ‘.wrl’;

in the
DEF ScrAvatarInfo Script
of the
PROTO AvatarInfo

in the TheMainFrame etc,
witch is in FrameMain

I guess it is easy for Christoph and Mykel to add a possible default
AVstudio avatar in that function Init
For me , I am not a scripter :(
but it is easy to add a world as inline


PROTO mykel
   exposedField   SFFloat  height   3    
   exposedField   SFFloat    width   10
   eventOut        MFString meSay
   eventIn         SFNode  hasSaid  # a UserData node.
   eventIn           SFBool  focus              # enables text input if true.
   eventIn         SFTime  startAnimation
    field          SFBool  initiallyShown    TRUE
    eventOut    SFBool  isLoaded
    exposedField SFNode texture ImageTexture {url "Stone.jpg"}
{ Transform {
   children   [ DirectionalLight {direction 0 -1 0}   
Inline {url "http://evelynsgemz.sytes.net/Community/vrml/GreekSunRoom.wrl"}
  translation   0 0 0

EXTERNPROTO ExampleFrame [
 exposedField SFNode commParam   

LOL , very funny to play with all that.

As I had been unable to script the script ,
I discovered in it :

( many thanx for your comments inside, Christoph, it is very useful )

function AvatarLoaded(Result)
            // ************************

                Browser.print (’FRAME: 0 nodes loaded’);
                // Then we provide a dummy avtar consisting of a box.
                Av= VrmlDefaultAvatar;

I replaced the box by ……..my old own avatar !! ahahahahah

( you get it when you enter nor joe , nor laura, etc )

Less funny : he is not walking Sad

reedit :

now I discover that joe or jane etc , only “walk” when we “run”…………………. Sad


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