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fév 25 2010


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Get the player

Join 3dvia :  how to registred :


You will be able to upload and share your own stuff 

example :





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fév 24 2010

3dvia scenes

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3dvia scenes



Scenes tested for MixED  


by Alain _ alaindum

and by Meribastet

The chat works well :


Easy to use by dragging
 objects into the scene



You could too “tagged” the scene



Read too the reviews  made by Omind-Bruce Lehman :

and  here

and a scene from him :)


As shown below by Bruce Lehman ,

you can embed the code for your scene on any website. Example at:

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fév 23 2010

3dvia scenes 2

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3dvia scenes _ 2

Scenes tested for MixED ,
another one :

by Alain _ alaindum

From VRM to 3dvia :

Uploading that VRML model

( with a zip containing the 3d model and  the textures )

you see it as :

But you cant enter in as your are used with vrml :

To get the navigation into the model you have to enter it in a scene :

So it is done

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fév 22 2010

3dvia shape

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3dvia Shape


To download 3DVIA Shape :

alain’s tests


so :

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