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mai 13 2017



J’ai découvert par hasard ce genre de playlist avec la ligne d’objets en bas.


Si on met x fois le même objet mais à chacun une annotation différente
on pourra bien sauter d’une vue à l’autre comme voulait Stéphane !

Je vais bidouiller un exemple.

Par ailleurs dans sketchfab il y a une icone “view in VR” ..pour Oculus !! héhé

Bon j’ai bidouillé ,
en fait les annotations servent à rien dans ce cas

ps : comparing-7-photogrammetry-systems

taliban hand

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mai 12 2017

platform 7 re

reedit :

290 07 17

port             4000

also :

snksna as  referring member

enter here :


by the way, snksna run blaxxun platofrm 4.1 online.
he downloaded it from your server a month ago.
this is his server:
and he also run this
and this:

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mai 03 2017

Valery Grancher et VR 2016-2017

Published by Mixed under Valery Grancher

Grancher on sketchfab :

Exemples :

Amazon :

Isis  **

Some are also videos


See his channel :

**VG “At the time of post-media and post-painting, it’s interesting to question the image statut and the painting practice itself.
This series is focusing ISIS and Daesh war Horror which is directly linked to the nightmares from our human history.
These images are used by the Occident democracies to increase security and reduce the individual freedoms.
On the other hand, we can find this kind of imagery in video games that is inspiring the Isis and Daech propaganda to recruit djihadist !
These pieces are focusing this reality.
They are produced as Virtual Reality 3D immersive paintings objects through the application Google Tilt Brush and Oculus Rift.
Virtual painting is a painting which doesn’t exist, a kind of an utopos painting whose topos is a virtual space.
The 3 D object as a video may be seen through the link at the bottom of each image.

Valéry Grancher 2016 - 2017

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