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avr 25 2012

Dave’s answers.unity

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Starting from

I (alain) jumped there by hazard :

And tried the script ( OK , not from Dave, but to show what is “to share” :)  

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avr 24 2012

Dave’s QLC

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Dave’s new site :
Quantum Leap Computing
A Higher State of the Art 

Lip Sync

” ..a demo of a simple lip sync system for Unity “

Wonton Destruction

“Just blow stuff up. For fun.”

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avr 20 2012

don’t skip the Intro

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I ( alain)  beagan to play in 1999 with Unreal Editor.
( Years before it was with DukeNukem Editor ).

I used it too with my pupils

I know 2 artits who used it .



I saw in real at Lyon,France ,


“Potsdamer Platz”,
Installation de Tobias Bernstrup au Musée d’art contemporain, Lyon, 2001.



BTW it had been fun too to discover
on the  web   “Kaufman House”  made in 3D with  Half Life Editor :



Then , I used VRML in 2002 and discovered



I was more than excited to convert the  small maps I made years ago with Unreal,
but I never succeeded.
Just my fault, for sure.


After many tryings I made that

for my own pleasure, and saying that


“of course , all the credits belongs  to”



I had been too shy to mail him,
but I do know how much great creators are generous, and was not afraid to enter in the poor debat “is it stolen ? or is it an homage ? “etc, no i had been just too shy to bore him.
( BTW I got the true answer in 2011, with happines but not a great surprise, see below )

Then I moved more or less around 2009-2010 from VRML to unity3d ,
and it had been fun too to  convert the vrml to unity3d :

And here begin our story with Dave Arendash !



I discovered last year  that he was involved in unity3d too ,
so I mailed him, with a proposal for that exhibition,  and I had a reply 5 minutes after !!, LOL
It was Saturday, October 29, 2011 7:12 PM


and I am too much ashame and/or  proud to repeat what he answered.
But I guess I could keep here  that words :
“Let me know what you need from me.”



 I beg your pardon for these old stories , but I hope  you understand the reasons …so now begins HIS exhibition , here :


And I beg your pardon too for my english :(




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