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mai 03 2017

Valery Grancher et VR 2016-2017

Published by Mixed under Valery Grancher

Grancher on sketchfab :

Exemples :

Amazon :

Isis  **

Some are also videos


See his channel :

**VG “At the time of post-media and post-painting, it’s interesting to question the image statut and the painting practice itself.
This series is focusing ISIS and Daesh war Horror which is directly linked to the nightmares from our human history.
These images are used by the Occident democracies to increase security and reduce the individual freedoms.
On the other hand, we can find this kind of imagery in video games that is inspiring the Isis and Daech propaganda to recruit djihadist !
These pieces are focusing this reality.
They are produced as Virtual Reality 3D immersive paintings objects through the application Google Tilt Brush and Oculus Rift.
Virtual painting is a painting which doesn’t exist, a kind of an utopos painting whose topos is a virtual space.
The 3 D object as a video may be seen through the link at the bottom of each image.

Valéry Grancher 2016 - 2017

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fév 19 2017

Valery Grancher 2017

Published by Mixed under Valery Grancher

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mar 10 2009

Valéry Grancher

MixED s’intéresse à la Web3D , et spécialement au VRML ;

et nous visitons les mondes virtuels dans un navigateur , avec un plugin .

As MixED is involved in web3D , and especially in VRML ,
we know that we watch virtual worlds in a browser , with a plugin .

Sont-ce des tableaux en 3D ? Are they 3D paintings ? 

Quoiqu’il en soit  il  faut connaître les tableaux  que Valéry Grancher a fait à partir de pages html .

In anycase it is more than interesting to know the paintings Valéry Grancher made from html pages .

Ce sont ses “Webpaintings” . They are his “Webpaintings” .

“Google with Miro logo” oil on canvas (92 * 73 cm) April 20 2006.
Disponible à Lincart gallery, San Francisco, USA.
Available at Lincart gallery, San Francisco, USA.

Read This about this logo !

Voyez ici  /  Take a look here :

et ici / and here : “pump your page ! ”


Immortalisez votre homepage !!! Pump your page !!! transformez la en une vraie webpainting !!!!
Un authentique monochrome blanc iridescent !!!
Le même format qu’un écran 14”.

Immortalize your homepage!!! Pump your page !!! Transform it to a true webpainting !!!
An authentic white iridescent monochrom !!!
Same Format than a 14” screen.


……… : ” examples ” :
et ici / and here :


Qui est / Who is Valéry Grancher ?

bio   :
portfolio  :

bibliographie / bibliography   :


Ancient site  :

( art works / Net Art )
Le plus récent / The last one  :

Net Art et Art ! Net Art and  Art !

Valéry Grancher use de beaucoup de voies / uses many ways  , ex :

Interview sur / on
archivé / saved ici /  here


Interview sur

Conferences à la Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain

“World Wild Web” est un cycle de conferences dedie a l’histoire d’Internet et du Net Art,
 donné a la Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain a Paris en France, du 22 Janvier au 11 Mars 2003.


Références / Sources :

ny-alesund-pole0 _ PÔLE NORD

Valéry Grancher, Dioxine, C-print on altuglass. 2008. Courtesy de l’artiste
“Arctic Pop !”, acrylic and reindeer horn 05-06/07.


Le projet “Shiwiars” /  ”Shiwiars Project ” _ Amazonie


La retranscription du chat
La vidéo Tanguntsa Amazonie

Second Life 

As we are too , more or less , tchatters and builders ,
we know  Second Life .

It is very interesting to look at the adventure of Valéry Grancher there .

It began with :


Valery Grancher, Concetto Nazionale, 6.05.2007. Liquitex on canvas. 130 x 97 cm


So , read about Grancher there :

Merci infiniment à Valéry Grancher  , Thank you so much !

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