fév 26 2012

page3 : Some tryings from Srr


Some tryings from Srr: 

I ( alain ) learnt about Srr.

And as it is more easy for me to use vrml than x3d , I tried , from the huge codes of Christoph, to just have a chat working. 

I used Fluxstudio and vrmlpad to learn/reedit them and “translated” them to wrl instead of x3d.

With the permission of Christoph , of course.

The chat uses too  BSCollaborate. 

BTW thats just to  show that when you go from the complete code to a simpliest one , 

you learn how to manage the stuff , and then you could be able to do the inverse way and to add more of your own stuff.

So , we had some tests with 2 friends , using BSCollaborate from local 

( port 12345, localhost, the clients using the Ip of who runs the server ) , and it was working :



When you have the chat working, it is easy to add your world into :

Of course it is now a very small part of the complete coding, but that shows and teaches** to you  how to manage with.

**My files are not in public because somme parts are too much dependant of the original code ,

but for a few part , and a few part with witch you are able to “play” with.

(with permission as I said above)

One could say : “thats is crappy ,now”, and yes it is , but it is a vrml chat working ( with BSCollaborate ).


Reedit : next step :

1- testing a friend’s BSCollaborate server :

( not in local , but a server online ! )

2- For that I made a simplier MainFrame from Srr.

Now  all the Modules way are lost :(

re reedit :

Christoph agree to have that in public ,
so it is here :



May be not very usefull , but a way to learn , as I did ….

Some errors remains ( only my fault ) but may be that works :)


here we continued to work about on LouiZeForum :


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