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août 28 2014


publish and embed

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It’s the WebGL way! Check, baby check!

Alain began with sketchfab here:

And here too:

you have 69 models :

Sketchfab has a blog:

About exporters:


Animation coming?

Anyways, as this exhibition is about WebGl btw, go too to
We will resume our tests here:

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août 27 2014


alain’s tests:

walk with W here:

domicoud(from skanect):

aztequeslave( from 123dcatch ):


( I am very sorry to destroy the art of Thyme, but I am bad to keep his smooth way, and his colors way, when I have to export from seamless3d )
exported as *.obj

exported as *.dae
re test for dae:

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août 26 2014


alain tried webgl in 2011:

Now, see how is WebGL, just an example:

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août 25 2014

blender exporter to sketchfab

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