fév 26 2012

page1 : Vrml news ( feb 2012)


Vrml news ( feb 2012) from Christoph :

The following files are now available in VRML format, too, in addition to X3D format.

You’ll find them at http://sourceforge.net/projects/simulrr/files/
 in the “TestPackage_0033.06bf5.zip” file

   - Main_bscontact.x3d/.wrl  (”main file”)
   - Hill.x3d/.wrl  (”first module”)
   - City.x3d/.wrl  (”second module”)
   - Mountains.x3d/.wrl  (”third module”)
   - Dunes.x3d/.wrl  (”fourth module”)

…and my sort of “mail” to Christoph :




DEF Conn NetConnection {
    address “evelynsgemz.sytes.net”

,from MyKel’ server, you could get multi-user.



Use 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 to switch the HUD. 

2 is to get the chat ! Press it twice to have it ON and OFF


WIP : recent news about this package :

1 - Hill and Dunes : they have disturbing transparency effects.


I first tought that the problem was with the meshes,and I tried to inverse the coords, but now I think that the prob are the png textures.

So, using “jpg” type corrects that.

So , I made a      “../FourthModule/texture_fourth.jpg” and “../FirstModule/texture_first.jpg”.

I made a Hill.wrl using texture ImageTexture {url “../FirstModule/texture_first.jpg”} 

and a Dunes.wrl using     texture ImageTexture {url “../FourthModule/texture_fourth.jpg”}

2 - The Main_bscontact.wrl is not attached to wrls but to x3ds ( If I am not wrong ).

To use the corrected Hill and Dunes, it is necessary to “link” to the right  wrls.          

I changed in the Ldf.x3d …. type=”MFString” value=’”../FourthModule/Dunes.wrl”

Another trying : I added in the last srr folder ExperimentalLocomotives folder.

With “6″ you get the HUB as ( using that to “Create Vehicle”, with their IDs) :

But I don’t know how to set up it on the track, I guess I miss something.

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