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fév 27 2015

Makers01 workshop 01

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fév 27 2015

Softs 3D

softs 3D

free, no limit
basic: 200euros

et avec 123Dcatch:




Agisoft PhotoScan

It’s providing meshes and point clouds

You can try Agisoft PhotoScan software either in demo mode (export and save functions are blocked)

or test it in full function mode with 30-day trial license for free.

Standard edition : 179 Usd

First test by alain:


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fév 26 2015

tutos and tests

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fév 25 2015

workshop 5 avril


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fév 24 2015

workshop ressources

Acquisition 3D De la photo au model 3D_ Ressources

Captures :

123D catch . A installer for PC

Ou en ligne :

( conseils :

Autre : Recap360, en ligne :

Autre, à installer (PC et Mac): smart3D capture


Pour voir/exposer ses objets *.obj :

Meshlab , gratuit, open source :

Pour convertir *.obj to vrml

3D exploration / explor3d.exe

Pour voir du vrml *:

bs contact :

Blaxxun contact :

Pour coder du vrml : vrmplad

Pour montrer/mettre en ligne ses objets 3D :

Pour mettre en ligne ses objets 3D et les faire imprimer :



Pour créer des videos-captures d’écran : quicktime pour Mac, Fraps pour PC

*For Mac people !

but that one seems better :

so here it is :

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fév 20 2015

alternatives to 123d catch

VisualSFM — Digital compositor Jesse Spielman wondered if he could match 123D Catch’s results with open source tools, spending zero dollars. A total noob, he dove in and a few weeks later wrote this incredible blog post showing how to use VisualSFM to roll your own point clouds without arbitrary limits on the number of photos or point cloud density, then use Meshlab to generate a mesh and paint it with the full-resolution photo texture. [Props to Matt Griffin at Adafruit for tipping us.] You’re only limited by your computing power. (Devil’s advocate: Is that why we’re using 123D Catch in the first place?)

VisualSFM was developed by Changchang Wu at the University of Washington as an outgrowth of the open-source frameworks Bundler (to do multi-view calibration and create sparse point clouds), CMVS/PMVS (to compute dense 3D point clouds), and SIFT. Download it here. Changchang is now working on 3D computer vision for Google, BTW.

Python Photogrammetry Toolbox — This set of Python scripts automates Bundler and CMVS/PMVS, fronted by an open source GUI. Archaeologists are using it for handheld and aerial photo reconstruction of sites, remains, and artifacts. Download it here and check out Arc-Team’s recent tutorial here.


An entire operating system built around Debian Squeeze to connect open photogrammetry and 3D modeling programs without the hassle of installing all the dependencies. ArcheOS wraps up the PPT and PPT GUI with Meshlab and more. Check it out here.

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fév 19 2015

123D catch et Mac os

on sept 2015

“after the release on the iPhone and iPad, Autodesk has not released a Mac version”

but “Autodesk brought out a version that runs from your browser.”

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fév 18 2015

How to with 123D catch

voir sur


123D Catch desktop has had a great run over the years, and we have heard your feedback. Whether that was to have a version for Mac, process more photos, or higher resolutions, you will see most of these come to life in Autodesk ReMake. ON September 1, 2016, 123D Catch desktop will not be supported in favor of ReMake, so make the switch today!

Note that we will continue support for the 123D Catch mobile apps for your phones and tablets.

Why make the switch from 123D Catch desktop to Autodesk Remake? There are many reasons, and I’ll point out a few that make sense for those still using 123D Catch desktop.

  • ReMake can turn your photos into 3D models at much higher resolutions than 123D Catch desktop could.
  • ReMake has a FREE and PRO version on both Windows and Mac version.
  • Additionally, the ReMake Pro Windows version can process your photos locally, not requiring the cloud (if you have a powerful machine). The local version allows creating reconstructions with 1000+ images (this is available in Beta now).
  • Most importantly, there are a ton more features in Remake to clean, process and edit high resolution meshes for further design and manufacturing workflows, including 3D printing and publishing interactively on the web. See the complete list here.

So, while we’ll be retiring 123D Catch desktop at the end of the month, the good news is you have ReMake. ReMake will be getting regular updates and features. Keep in mind the 123D Catch mobile apps will still be available, and it is only 123D Catch desktop for Windows that is being retired!

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