fév 25 2012

Monet 2012

X3d / BS Collaborate / Monet

In 2012
the old
gets a new life !

Because of  MyKel_D running his server :

So now we have the old monet world on chat with BSCollaborate .

Download  monet2012   from here
and run TestframeBS/SrrTestFrame.exe

****ps : all that has to be cleaned,
I just used the old monet way I tried months ago*** ,
and just changed the DEF=’Conn’ address=’ “evelynsgemz.sytes.net” ‘
in   DemoLayout/FrameMain/Main_trbs.x3d

*** It was OK just in local

Warning: is_writable() [function.is-writable]: Unable to access /cache/php.err in /mnt/129/sda/6/c/mixed3d/spip/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 500

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