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mar 30 2017

Deep Matrix 2017


Russ Kinter
30 mars, 17:25
New public_matrixclientrc files for the public server’s new IP address. Just copy and replace the files into your client_application folder. For windoze, linux and mac. Beware, some of the worlds listed in the new server’s worlds window have not been updated, so they don’t exist yet!

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oct 28 2010


Deep MatrixIP9 est un client multi-utilisateurs , open-source , pour les formats vrml/x3d .
Deep MatrixIP9 is an open-source multi-user client/server system for vrml/x3d formats .

Il fonctionne actuellement spécialement pour le visualiseur  3D Instant Player

It currently works specifically for the 3D viewer Instant Player .
Installez -le / install it :

32-bit Windows:

64-bit Windows:

Other operating systems:

Download and install Deep MatrixIP9 1.03 :

Systèmes requis , fonctions , un rapide Guide pour débuter et la documentation générale sont ici /
System requirements, features, a Quick Start guide as well as general documentation can be found here:

Résumé ici  pour Windows / short resume of it for Windows :

1 . Vous devez avoir Sun  Java installé : /
1 - You must have the latest Sun Java installed

S’il y a des problèmes avec Java  voyez ici / if probs with Java read here …/deepmatrix/java.htm

2 -  Dézippez dans C:// , dans un dossier  nommé DeepMatrixIP9-v1_03

3 - Pour joindre le serveur public , double-cliquez sur  Public_Win_Client.bat , qui est dans le dossier Win_Client
2 - Unzip the , on Windows as: “C:\DeepMatrixIP9-v1_03″

3 - To join the public server:
Open the client_application/Win_Client folder and
double click the Public_Win_Client.bat

Plus d’information dans le README ci-dessus / More information can be found in the README above

et / at :


Davantage d’aide si vous avez des problèmes avec Java / More help if you have probs with Java/ click !

Comment y ouvrir votre propre monde /How to open your own world  : click !


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oct 27 2010

DeepMatrix / Java

Be sure  Java  works  :

  1. Go to: Underneath the big “Download” button there are three links.

Click the middle link that asks “Do I have Java?”

You have to get

Verified Java Version
You have the recommended Java installed (Version *****).

  1. Also here: and click the 8th listing: How do I test whether Java is working on my computer?

  1. Go into your Control Panel and double click the Java icon:

You’ll get this:

Click on the “Java” tab:

Click on the “View” tab in that Window:

If you have several versions , all of them will be listed ….

Notice the last “Enabled” column on the right and how at least ONE of the boxes is checked –preferably the latest version! Click “OK” after enabling too!

Then click on the “System” tab of that window and you will get this:

Make sure the “Enabled” box on the far right is checked and click “OK”

After you have closed the “Java Runtime Environment Settings” window

You need to click the “Apply” button (which will now be in black) in the Java tab window:

Then , the best is TO REMOVE all your  ancient - and unuseful -  versions  !!!!!!!

So , to resume :

1. Open a command prompt

2. Type (minus single quotes): ‘java -version’

(that is ‘java’ then a single space then ‘-version’ )

3. You should see something like:

java version “1.6.0_21″

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_21-b07)

Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 17.0-b17, mixed mode, sharing)

Then your Java is working!

However if you still get:

javan’est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne
ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichier de commandes.

Then it is best to start over:

1. Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs ->

Remove all the Java programs listed.

2. Reboot.

3. Go to

Re-install Java brand new.

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oct 26 2010

DeepMatrix ,add a world

Comment ouvrir votre propre monde / How to open your own world

1 - click to … Worlds … then Add-Remove World

2 -Tapez le nom de votre monde et après # un mot de passe et faites Enter / Type the Name and , after # , any passwword and press Enter

3 -Copiez l’url de votre monde / Enter the Url of your world  and press Enter

4 - Et voilà / You will get it !

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oct 25 2010


Vernissage / Opening

.2 novembre 2010 ,  au soir , French time / november 2 2010 evening , French time
Sur le monde par défaut , puis sur / On the default world , then on : … MixED .
Cliquez son nom dans la liste , puis “Enter” / Click his name in the list , then “Enter”

( cela ouvrira dans le chat  / it will open in the chat




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oct 25 2010

DeepMatrix ,add a world Part 2 and tests

Comment ouvrir votre propre monde / How to open your own world
Suite et re test  / Part 2 and re test

A- Some scripts are not working for Instantplayer ,
so I hosted the “plaza” from jacinto , deleting the scripts just to check ,
and it was OK

B - Second test

1 - clicking to … Worlds … then Add-Remove World
2 -Tapez le nom de votre monde et après # un mot de passe et faites Enter / Type the Name and , after # , any passwword and press Enter
3 -Copiez l’url de votre monde / Enter the Url of your world  and press Enter
I used
a url from jacinto …grotte.wrl

The prob is that the entry is not the right one .
Russ told me to use glview.exe
It is a small and easy and free software .

I open it and the first result was bad , but doing …Tools…Optimize …it was OK
( hosting the grottegl2.wrl )  :

…so I got that :

and then jicer entered the chat LOL

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oct 23 2010

Vernissage / meeting ” Deep Matrix on MixED”

Vernissage / meeting ” Deep Matrix on MixED “ ,
november 2 , 2010

2 screen shots made by alain , here :

and 4 made by Griff and Pyth ( click on these thumbnails )

one made by Griff ,

one made on Linux

one made on WindowsXP

one made on Mac

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oct 21 2010

DeepMatrix sur votre propre serveur / DeepMatrix on your own server

Un ”test” pour montrer que DeepMatrix peut fonctionner sur votre propre serveur ,

ici sur  , alain’s server


A test to show that DeepMatrix could work on your own server , here on , alain’server


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oct 20 2010

Sharing the circle

Utiliser un compas en mode partagé / Using a compass in shared event mode

( tests on february 2011 )

 ( be sure to have the last :


Enter  “Compass Test2″ room on the DM public server:

Screen shots by Pyth7 drawing a circle in real time on WindowsXP:



Also Pyth , on Ubuntu :

Alain and Pyth7 sharing their circle :




Screen shot made by jacinto with the first version of the CompassTest



Last one from alain :

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