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déc 01 2009

3D Rad



Free 3D Game Maker  (39 Mb)
3D RAD - Free 3D Game Maker: Learn How To Make a 3D Game FAST 

” This software is completely free for commercial and non-commercial use.”

Tutorials :


How to import your 3d models into 3D Rad.
How to enable collision detection and physics for them,
without typing a single line of code!

La physique


road system

Artificial Intelligence

Adding A.I. Cars

Working With The Character Object

Adding 3D Sound Effects

3D Rad Compiler

First test by alain

changing  SimplyProject.dcr into :

Then  compiling it  it in 2 ways ..

1 - an exe and

2 - an embeded htm page

and uploaded it to

on local the exe works fine ,

on web not Sad

It is better to read the tests and tutorials
 LACHENY Franck alias Norris
( site: )
made on “Le Petit Infographiste” ( in french)
Not free but friendly :)

3D Rad on forums : 

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