déc 29 2010

Atmo Worlds

Atmo Worlds

Don’t be afraid of Donza , but be VERY afraid ! :)

Since years she frightens us  , each automn,  with her 3D Halloween party ,
making it  with and for  friends .


Here was  The 8th Annual ATMO 3D Halloween Party Open House


Learn about pumpkins and other stuff  :)


She is an Atmo Junkie ,
and she knows too VRML , and other tricks :)

So …
download the  software of Adobe Systems


then check , if necessary , to have it working :


go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > UNCHECK “enable Protected mode”
go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings > CHECKED to “display websites in Compatibility Mode”

Check with

Seraglio Courtyards -  www.donzas.com/3d/seraglio/


Storm World - http://www.jfdhobbies.com/worlds/storm/stormworld.html

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