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Interview of mcfly

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How did you start Vrml ?
My first pc with windows was a gift from my brother. This was around 1997 and my memory of the internet was blank until I discovered Active Worlds. Here I got started in 3d and was also introduced to the tools used in creating 3d. My interest increased over time and soon I discovered VRML was an efficient and attractive way to put up 3d pieces of your own.

When did you start to create your world ?
It was also in 1997 that I started creating in Vrml. Taking courses in 3d and VRML at san franscisco state university really accelerated my progress. I was also very excited to take the main VRML class from Mark Pesce, one of the guys who created Vrml.

How did you use for create it ?
I used 3dsmax, photoshop and goldwave for sound.

How long did you take for making the world ? Hopefully, faster and faster ! I spend a lot of time thinking about it, absorbing related art and information about the theme and also how it can be presented very specifically for the web3d format. This world took about two weeks, including a lot of time staring at the screen !

Did you have an idea about what you wanted to create when you started to build it ?
Yes, usually I do.

What did you want to express with this world ?
The feeling I get from listening to Pink Floyd in the desert of california. The van reminds me of the older, easier going days in california. I really like the idea of this box in front of you that can expand into a vast beautiful scape. I also like Chinese water mountain paintings—they are very minimal yet capture the essence.

Did you make some other worlds ?
Oh yes. :)

When you visit this world now what do you think about it technically ?
For me, I reached a stage that I am comfortable with, with this world, because it looks good to me, heh. Naturally, I believe I can improve upon it technically now, and hopefully I will think the same thing when I visit it again in the future.. !

And emotionally ?
pink floyd

What do you think about vrml language ?
i love it ! The best thing is that you can drop it into any old text editor and read the code behind the world.

Do you have a project now ?
I am thinking of different themes.

What do you think about the project of this gallery ?
excellent concept guys ! its nice to see websites centered around vrml and web3d. I also enjoy visitng hiperia3d(http://hiperia3d.blogspot.com/) for up to date news on vrml and web3d topics.

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