jan 07 2009

Interview Erny

-Mixed: You have a list on your site and you used too a thema way for
Matrix. It is interesting to see how 3D world lists on web are made,
several exist, some sorted by name of the author, others by title of the
world … Some sorted in the same time by the plugin used.
- Why do you used the thema way ?
- Do you think it focuses more on the artistic point of view of the
builder ?

- Erny: My aim is to inspire more people for web3D and thought by planning
my list, therefor it´s most important to show the diversity of a

-Mixed: I guess that your artistic point of view  is in your art work ,
but indeed , for instance , Matrix and Dom Wetzlar are very different .
- What do you think about realistic aims with web3D ?
- What do feel watching all these 3D worlds , “comparing” - if we could
say - to contemporary art ? Do you feel 3D brings its own soul ?
- Is , on other words , “3D” offering a new way to watch or know  the LIFE ?

- Erny: I fear I have to disappoint you. I have no artistic or
ideologically view on web3D. I am just a technical freak, crazy about
the technical possibilities 2009, curious on the technical possibilities
2010 and with too less sun.

Web3D is a simulation you can use on different ways to let become it a
stimulation. I try to bring more reality into web3D in trying to
building most realistic scenes. The reality is what the human eye is
knowing and to simulate it couldn´t be bad. A piece of reality you
already find in the real persons you can meet in web3D and even perhaps
you will calling friend.

- Mixed: Another sort of questions is about the interactiv maner you
offered to builders .
- Is it a “polical” way you have chosen  to have people active ? Less
customers , we could say.
- Does it works ?
- Is it , for your point of view the best part of the WEB , interactivity ?

- Erny: It´s no “political issue”. I just like to build dynamic,
interactive web content - if 2D or 3D. The best of the web is the web
itself - the possibility to connect the world - the possibility to let
the world participate in your creation.

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