nov 22 2008

Gandhi’s Walking Stick

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Personnaly , I ( Alain ) will have an exhibition with my
pupils , in june 2009 .

They worked about the thema “Travelling” and had to
take 2 sort of photos :

one simulating a travel ( but doing that from home ) ,

the second during a real travel .( school trip or family trip

We will exhibit some pictures in this castle near my school

( Chateau des Allymes )


I will add one of this pîcs up there , with a short text
explaining my virtual meeting ,

I am so proud and happy to have my “Gandhi’s Walking
Stick” :)

I will give it to the MixED team as a great souvenir of this
exhibition .

We had problems with the time zones to meet ,

but the most important is that friendly stuff on Web to let
know Joseph Delappe’s art .

Thank you very much to him !

And to friends who helped us on Second Life .

Now the gallery is here ( thanx Dimento ! ) :

Antennaria, Mixed Experience, Hachimantai (159, 57, 802)

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