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Interview of Marco

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When did you discover wrml ?
Well I dont really know.. I found once a site with a 3d chat. I was well welcomed, so I stayed and since I like that.

What has given you the desire for making 3d worlds ?
My megalomania or simply I wished to allow everybody without being a programmer or a designer to get his own house on a world where he feels at home.

How did you get the idea of it ?
This world was the application of what I learnt and what I liked

How long did you spent to make it ?
There is no response because it has never been achieved

What did you use for that ?
I use pure vrml . But when i see what Korben realise all « hand made » I think I have still some work

Were you a beginner before building this world ?
8 years ago three people contacted me to make a search engine, but I didnt realise the power of this tool. So one can say that I was a beginner.

How did people react to the idea of this project ?
I dont know, I think I can say most people tried to discourage me, but when I see what we did with Evoluta and what is Second Life, I’m proud to get my idea in 2002.

Was’nt it difficult to manage with the nomber of houses ?
The management of the houses was personalized additions. That took to me at least 1h even 2 per day. It is primarily the reason why Evoluta was conceived in “automatic”

Did you make another world like that ?
Yes of course, « Evoluta », created with friends met on the 3d (Mile reed & Melodia), which makes it possible for all to build a house without using a line of code, the system was conceived to be the simplest possible, 8 year old children use it without problem !

What becomes this project ?
This project is one can say finished because, I am the only one who still work on it, and who make sure that all is still in its place ! (I should make the cleaning of the data, but I lost the access codes)

Do you have other projects in 3d besides that ?
Yes, I think of taking again the primary principle and this time, to create a whole city with all that must be there ! I plan to borrow a part of the code of EVOLUTA, to improve it and obviously give the possibility to each one of importing his own house.

When you visit again your world what do you think about it technically ?
Euhhh, that it is beautiful to be a beginner, one forgives the errors !!!

What do you think of the Mixed project ?
Good idea, we’ll do everything so that it works :)

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