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Interview of Mirko Vignozzi

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When did you create this world ?
I created my first 3D world in 2004, for a course of “Computer Science II” during my second year at the University of Florence (Faculty of Education Sciences)

Were you alone for making it ?
Yes, I was alone but I had experience in the 3D world because I had worked for an architect before, and became expert of Autocad (CAD software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting).

When you started to build it, did you know exactly what you wanted to create ?
When I started building for the Multilab Project (University of Florence) I didn’t know what I wanted to create, but had the idea of making an innovative virtual world for e-learning.

What did you use for creating it ?
I made a structure of the “Aula Virtuale” with the Autocad software then inserted the texture, sound and link directly in VRML code with VrmlPad.

I read this world was made by an university, are you a teacher ? or you were a student ?
When I created this world I was a student, and the “Aula Virtuale” (which later I inserted in project Campus 3D) was the argument of my university thesis. Now I’m teaching new media and sometimes use this world for my e-learning lessons.

When I visited your world, I saw e-learning, what can we learn exactly ?
“Aula Virtuale” is one box for every lesson, when I created this world were insert program of “Computer Science II” (because I had make “Aula Virtuale” like examination test for this course).

This world is made for everyone or just for students ?
“Aula Virtuale” is made for everyone, but I have also created “Campus 3D” (with more classrooms and laboratories) which is only for students of the University of Florence. I think it’s important that the Faculty of Education Sciences of Florence bought Blaxxun Server, even if it’s still in experimental period.

Do you think vrml is just a technical thing or it can be an art too ?
VRML IS ART, my first job has been only a technical test but lately I have used it for some lessons on the street art. With my successive job I have collaborated with “WikiARTpediA” - the free encyclopaedia of the art and cultures of telematic net (www.wikiartpedia.org ). For this project I created a virtual museum with some works of artists like Orlan, Andy Warhol, Nam June Paik and Stelleconfuse. These days, within the Plant-a-Tree project I’m collaborating with street artist Stelleconfuse (http://www.stelleconfuse.altervista.org/).

Do you still create worlds ?
Of course, I love creating new worlds when I have good ideas or when someone propose me interesting thing.

Have you got a project now ?
For the Plant-a-Tree Project I have just created the “Forgotten Garden” world, a 3D chat with ecological background. It’s against the uncontrolled cementation of land. For this artistic world I have imagined a forgotten garden amongst the grey buildings of a city, moreover, exposed some of Stelleconfuse’s work on the walls. “Forgotten Garden” is still in progress.

When you visiting this world, what do you think about it, technically ?
My first world technically is not perfect, first of all because it was born only for the experiment of new methodologies for e-leaning (in the beginning I didn’t even know vrml) and second because I have created “Aula Virtuale “ as an architectonic project, not as a 3D world for web.

And emotionally ?
I will always remember my happy years at university and all my work for my end-thesis : “Virtual world and e-learning”.

Vrml is not very famous, do you have any ideas of how it could be promoted ?
I think only art can make vrml famous. This code is potentially one of the most artistic instruments of the web.

Do you think there is limits in vrml ?
The limits in vrml are only set by one’s fantasy. Unfortunately in this realistic world people have less and less fantasy. People (in reality) prefer walking in worlds already constructed (example Second Life) instead of putting energy into creating new worlds.

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