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Pro-Tips for 3D Printing with Shapeways

Model Breakout

When you uploaded your design to Shapeways, we ran a series of automated checks to make sure that your model didn’t fall victim to some of the most common issues we see when 3D printing. Of course, you might still be wondering if your design really is ready to order. Take a look at these four tips drawn from our Pre-Print Checklist. We hope that they’ll give you the confidence you need to bring your product to life.

  1. Always keep your material in mind
    Each of our materials has unique design guidelines to ensure reliable 3D printing. If you want to experiment outside these established minimums, you can try our “Print It Anyway” pilot program when you design for certain materials.

  2. Make sure walls are thick enough
    When you upload a new model to Shapeways, we use our Wall Thickness Tool to identify potential problem areas in each material. You can view these results at any time on the Model Edit page, and use our tool to fix issues before ordering.

  3. Remember real-world physics
    You may have complete freedom in 3D modeling software, but gravity still exists. Think about how your product will balance, and pay special attention to any vulnerable areas where different elements connect.

  4. Double-check your scale
    You likely specified the units of your model before uploading, but it can’t hurt to check the dimensions of your uploaded design on Shapeways before printing.

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